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Multiplier Events

Multiplier events in Bulgaria


In the last month of project implementation YCCI organized 2 Multiplier events with the purpose to present the main results and achievements of the project, to showcase the success stories from the project, as well as to present the various tools and training methodologies that were developed in the frame of the project with the aim to raise the financial literacy of young people as the key ingredient for their long-term financial well-being and self-realisation.

The first event was organized on 20.10.2023 in Yambol, Bulgaria, including 24 trainers, teachers, lecturers, representatives of educational institutions, who work with young people and who will be interested to use the elaborated products of the project and to incorporate the online learning platform of the project into the curriculum of secondary schools and universities (i.e. their economic and entrepreneurship classes).

The second event was organized on 31.10.2023 in Yambol, Bulgaria, including 27 young people (19-29) who are students employed, entrepreneurs, unemployed, NEETs. They were presented with the main activities and products of the project. Special attention was given to the elaborated training platform and some demonstration activities were done with the platform. There were panels where information about financial literacy knowledge and good and bad life scenarios were presented. The young people who participated in the established local Network of financial influencers participated in the event in order to share their experience of participating in the project activities and the possibility to be part of community of young people who work on improving their personal finance knowledge on the basis of shared knowledge and good practices.

For both events, a total of 51 participants took part. All the participants highly evaluated the presented content and expressed their interest in further reading and exploring the project products on their own, but also integrating some of them in their educational practices.

Multiplier events in Greece


The National Mulitplier Event in Greece has been organized and hosted by project partner Militos Consulting SA on the 31st of October 2023 in Athens. The event was attended by 35 participants, involving young people (approx. 50%) and youth workers, consultants, professional development trainers and organizations for the rest of the participants. Two stakeholders have been involved, which are active in the support of young persons (19-29) with respect to professional development, entrepreneurship, soft and hard skills development, including financial literacy (Academy of entrepreneurship and knowl, a social enterprise for Lifelong Learning). The purpose of the event was to present how financial literacy is supported by the Greek educational system (formal and non-formal), identifying the existing gaps and lack of institutionalized approach. Drawing from these facts, the project research and resulting methodology have been presented, leading to the FinFluencers training provision and the ways it can be used by consultants and youth workers, as well as young persons in self-paced learning mode. The main tools for the open discussion have been the project website, hosting the main outputs of the project, including the research findings, the Finfluencers methodology, trainers’ involvement along the project, the e-learning platform, and, finally, the outcomes of the national talks. 

During all the agenda slots, but especially in the ‘open discussion’ slot, our Greek partner had the opportunity to discuss potential benefits of the FinFluencers project, as well as challenges in the uptake of financial literacy as a formal or non-formal training subject for young people.

Benefits (based upon feedback during the event):

  • Potential of further use by adopting and using e-learning platform subjects/topics as a whole or partially (by non-formal actors supporting young people in professional and personal development)
  • Potential of customization of existing offer for specific target groups among young people (e.g., secondary schools, municipalities programs for the young, disadvantaged young persons, young persons in autism spectrum disorder etc.)
  • Synergies with financial institutions (e.g., banks) to offer material to young persons as clients or non-clients, as well as connection to financial practices and tools already offered in Greece (e.g., as companion to bank services, like e-wallet, prepaid cards, youth loans).

Multiplier events in Portugal


OTB organised 2 multiplier events. One was held on 24.10.2023 (26 participants) and he second one on 31.10.2023 (15 participants).

The first Multiplier Event in Faro, Portugal was held on October 24, 2023, receiving positive feedback. The event adopted a panel format, bringing together 26  individuals, including policymakers and stakeholders.

Notably, the young FinFluencer trained by OTB played a pivotal role by conducting three insightful talks. The panel discussions centered around the significant achievements and impactful outcomes of the project, emphasizing transformative effects observed among young people in the municipality of Olhão – Faro. The FinFluencer shared her experiences, adding a personal touch to the project’s impact. The comprehensive overview ensured that all participants were well-informed about the project’s outputs and objectives. The dynamic Q&A session added an interactive dimension, allowing for a deeper understanding of the project’s insights. The event successfully captured the essence of discussions, accomplishments, and the profound impact observed among young people, showcasing its success.

OTB organized a second event, a workshop-style event on October 31, 2023, with 15 active youth worker participants. The workshop, facilitated by the same Portuguese FinFluencer from the first event, aimed to provide an interactive platform for engaged discussions and activities. During the workshop, the FinFluencer shared insights into the concerns among young people, particularly addressing overwhelming feelings stemming from the EU economic context. The workshop’s focus was to inspire individuals aged 19 to 29 to proactively learn and navigate financial management, aligning with the project’s mission. Interactive activities formed an integral part of the workshop, delving into the primary concerns of the participating youth workers. The session fostered a collaborative environment, encouraging discussions on what was lacking and the key focus areas when engaging with the young generation. The workshop also showcased impactful talks previously conducted in Olhão, serving as examples to inspire and engage the youth. These talks not only encapsulated the essence of the project but also demonstrated practical approaches to empowering young individuals in making informed financial decisions.

Both events successfully achieved their objectives, providing an engaging and collaborative platform for discussions among youth workers.

Multiplier event in Macedonia


The final conference in Strumica, Republic of North Macedonia was organised in 2days – 30.10.2023 (23 participants) and 31.10.2023 (20 participants). In total 43 people participated in both days. During the project implementation phase,financial literacy was widely recognized as an important topic, as well as skill that should be acquired by young (and not only) people. Although, some institutions (mostly the National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia) have treated the topic offinancial literacy, the FinFluencers projectwas one of the few integral conceptsrelated to this subject. Therefore, after carrying out all activities and achieving the established results, Promo Idea started with the organisation ofthe multiplier event. As, 31st October is the “World savings day” it seemed appropriate to relate this event, to the meaning and importance of the international day, devoted to saving. In order to achieve better results, it was decided to carry out the event with two groups, instead of one.

The FinFluencers project results – mainly the research activities, the training modules, the established FinFluencers network and particularly the training platform were all presented in front of the participants. Around 90% of the participants were mostly young people (from 18 up to 35 years), with a variety of educational background and working status. Some smaller number were trainers and experts, as it was considered that the results are of major interest for the young. Young people and trainers were invited to participate in the events by direct invitations and through a social media publication. Each person which attended the events was previously registered.