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FinFluencers is implemented in Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal and the Republic of North Macedonia by 6 partner organisations.

Yambol Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bulgaria

Yambol Chamber of Commerce and Industry/YCCI/ is an independent, non-profit, voluntary organization of the business field in the region of Yambol, Bulgaria, and its goals and objectives are to support, promote, represent and protect the economic interests of businesses in the region -industrialists, manufacturers, and retailers. The Chamber has 150 regular and 980 associated members and is one of the biggest and highest capacity among Bulgaria regional chambers. YCCI holds a multidisciplinary team of 8 people, a large network of external experts and more than 350 synergies worldwide. The employees are specialized in different economic development areas. The Chamber delivers a wide variety of business support services – financial issues, IT, public-private relations, quality standards and management, project development and management, informal training initiatives, etc. For 30 years since its establishment, YCCI has successfully entered in the public and social life of the region. The Chamber provides easy and quick access to competent and present-day information and advice on opportunities and administrative requirements needed to start a new business and/or develop an existing one.
In 2008, YCCI became part of Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) — the European Network that supports business cooperation and innovations, involving more than 600 host-structures and 4000 skilled professionals from 40 countries.
The organisation activities at this level involve training and support provisions for business consultants and advisers, entrepreneurs and prospect entrepreneurs, employer/employee training schemes, as well as intra-organizational support (e.g. intrapreneurship, intra-company managerial aspects, business management across diverse sectors i.e. social economy, public/private sector businesses/actors). YCCI holds extensive experience and expertise in mobilizing communities, building and activating networks, designing, managing, and implementing large-scale events.
YCCI provides practical opportunities for the youth unemployed or underemployed through the provision of training and opportunities to develop entrepreneurship skills.

Business Information and Consulting Centre SANDANSKI Association, Bulgaria

Association Business Information and Consulting Centre – Sandanski (BICC) is a non-governmental entity with more than 25 years of experience in business and social development, training and mentoring in entrepreneurship, financial consulting, and B2B services.
The main operation area of BICC covers the region of Southwest Bulgaria, an area with growing economic and social development. BICC provides local companies with business development support, consulting services and international contact. At the same time, BICCnaims to foster cooperation with foreign partners and attract foreign investors in the region.
The organisation disseminates targeted information, provides business consulting services, organises various workshops and other capacity building events for SMEs, fosters business cooperation both at the cross-border and international level by providing support for participation at matchmaking events and other B2B initiatives, etc

MILITOS Consulting SA, Greece

Militos Consulting S.A. is a unique, dynamic and innovative 360 consultancy firm, with a strong European profile, international experience and many distinctions in the provision of integrated and ground-breaking consultancy services in a wide spectrum of fields, including Skills Empowerment, Education, Vocational Education and
Training (VET), Entrepreneurship Education, Communication, Community Building and Awareness Measures, Event Management, Social Innovation, Culture, etc.
With a track record of 60 EU-funded projects and activities, as leader or partner, Militos has sound experience in project management of large-scale and complex projects as well as in depth understanding of European policies. Militos has expertise in the conceptualisation, development, and operation of new and sustainable entrepreneurship schemes, train-the-trainer methodologies across all areas, interactive e-learning tools, etc.
Militos holds extensive experience and expertise in mobilising communities, building and activating networks, designing, managing and implementing demanding events and largescale campaigns and is well known for the smart, inventive, high aesthetic and quality material it produces (logos, leaflets, banners, website mockups, vortals, videolands, online games, teasers for social media, interactive blogs, etc). It is the first choice as Communication and Dissemination Consultant for enterprises and (European) bodies, such as the European Commission Representation in Greece
(Exclusive Communication & Campaigning Consultant), European Parliament Information Office in Greece (External Consultant), European Commission Standard Eurobarometer for Greece (National Editor), DG Enterprise and Industry (Intermediary Organisation for ERASMUS Young Entrepreneurs & Coordinator of the European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs).

OTB Europe, Portugal

OTB EUROPE is a company aiming to empower its partners to gain and effectively manage grants, improve their performances in policy initiatives and build sustainable partnerships. OTB EUROPE brings together different actors working on social innovation, striving to create and shape novel policies focusing on aware, responsible and active citizens. OTB EUROPE’s mission is to be a platform for think-tank transfer of expertise of European policies and programmes along with the promotion of innovative social and technological models for better quality of life. The vision of the company is an innovative Europe where citizens have an equal access to democratic and social life for all, driven by critical thinking, social innovations and solidarity. OTB EUROPE’s activities are related to topics of
Youth – through a set of comprehensive tools, OTB offers a varied approach towards youth in the fields of innovative participation methodology design.
Higher education – as firm believers of importance of education, OTB offers a varied profile of services and expertise to empower students and educators for a better and more efficient learning experience through a variety of implemented projects aimed at target groups.
VET – through continuous work within the education sector, OTB aims to empower its target groups for continuous learning through non-formal and formal educational methodologies, encompassing lifelong learning and vocational education and training tools and methodologies.
Smart city – as a network of organisations, OTB has developed a comprehensive set of services to further the smart city concept.
Trainings – OTB implements a wide variety on trainings, study visits and activities on the policy and advocacy building, providing trainings by employing research, data driven policies and IT solutions while at the same time encouraging cross-sectorial cooperation.

Association Center for Development and Promotion, Promo Idea – Strumica, The Republic of North Macedonia

Association Center for Development and Promotion PROMO IDEA – Strumica is a non-profit organization founded in 2007, whose main operations are focused on the South-East region of the Republic of North Macedonia.
Within the 15 years of activity, Promo Idea has established successful cooperation with many domestic and international institutions, built meaningful partnerships with organizations, and has developed a strong relationship with the business community.
From its foundation & up today, Promo Idea – Strumica has successfully implemented several EU funded projects, within various programmes.
Main operating areas of the association are:

– Project management;

– Mentoring & training for young people;

– Networking & support of individuals and start-ups;

– Research and analysis;

Members (as well as main target group) of the association are mostly young people (students, graduates, freelancers, start-up owners, etc) who want to upgrade themselves in their area of interest or to be trained in different topics, which will expand their knowledge.
Promo Idea implements activities mainly for capacity building & skills development of its target group. By uniting expertise in different areas (such as project management, finance, marketing, graphic design, IT, etc) the association intends to create added value and to promote the “lifelong learning” concept.

Through the implementation of various EU funded projects and its subsequent results, Promo Idea has established cooperation with more than 100 individuals and has provided networking between young entrepreneurs, professionals as well as students.


R&Do, based in Cyprus, researches, designs, develops and manages integrated ICT solutions, web-based applications and enterprise software systems. The company specialises in educational online platforms, fostering in particular the development of skills of young and adult learners, contributing to vocational training for employability, promoting growth and innovation, supporting different sectors with a focus on entrepreneurship, soft skills and ICT sector. R&DO is also a direct partner to various co-funded European projects, including the Lifelong Learning Projects Farm inc., Taxistars, Core-VET, High Heels, Pest Practice and the Erasmus+ projects Intraprise, Rooms to VET, Succession, SocialUp, the WineLab,etc., being mainly responsible for e-learning platforms and integrated websites. R&Do team is formed by Senior Developers and Web designers and is well known for their high quality work and forward thinking. The company aims to the continuous development and commercialisation of innovative ideas in the form of products and services, mainly based on ICT.