September – The Training Methodology – Milestone for the upcoming training platform in financial literacy

Following the skills assessment framework during the project research phase, the project partnership continued with developing a training methodology, determining the scope of the upcoming training content, the structure of the training provision as responding to desired learning outcomes. The training methodology draws from the findings of the research phase of the project as carried out in Bulgaria, Greece, The Republic of North Macedonia, and Portugal, as well as the indicative approach of learning topics as set out at the project proposal stage.

The developed methodology is defining the main axes around which the online training will be developed, responding to four dimensions, that is, the core content covering knowledge and skills, the efficacy, covering the improvement of financial education, skills, as well as behaviors, the dimension of utility, including the most effective self-learning and teaching aspects in pedagogical terms, and lastly the dimension of quality, accounting for accurate and well presented, integrated training provision.

The project partners will undertake a training session to train the trainers in delivering the piloting workshops for the training methodology and the developed material during their first physical meeting, upcoming in the beginning of December 2022.

After this, more activities will follow that will engage the active participation of the primary target group- young people, in physical or online workshops aiming to test the created methodological structure of the upcoming training.