October – Project promotion among the young people from the rural areas from Bulgaria

The FinFluencers project had promotional stand during youth festival organised in Thundzha Municipality in Bulgaria. Thundzha Municipality unites 44 villages around the city of Yambol, Bulgaria. The youth festival included young people from the rural areas and provided them opportunities for learning and physcial activities.The festival was visited by more than 350 young people.

According to 2020 survey conducted in Bulgaria by OECD, the financial knowledge of rural residents appears to be lower compared to urban populations. In this fast-changing world, financial education is critical to help young people navigate challenges and contribute to society. The lack of financial literacy not only impacts a young person’s ability to handle important matters like loans, budgeting, and debt — it also excludes young people from engaging with the economic systems that shape their communities and lives.

Here is why the project aimed to engage the interest of the young people from the rural areas as well, providing them the possibility to test the upcoming learning content and the formation of the Networks of young finfluencers.