July – the Project research phase has been completed

The project completed its research phase which aimed to carry out a comprehensive skills assessment and gap analysis among the primary target groups of the project – young people aged up to 29 years, but also consolidating the opinion of project stakeholders such as financial and professional consultants, teachers, trainers. The research was done in Bulgaria, Greece, The Republic of North Macedonia and Portugal, utilizing different tools such as country analysis, online survey, focus groups, and qualitative interviews. The different phases of the research involved approximately 349 participants of the different target groups in the participating countries.

This large-scale activity ended with a Final Comparative Report, which covers the initial mapping and documenting of the needs of young people in partner countries. It delivers an outlook on the financial literacy and education of young people in Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal and the Republic of North Macedonia, describing the existing skills and training offered on the topic, gaps and deficiencies in both knowledge and support, highlighting existing good practices supporting financial literacy and education, key stakeholders, policy framework and incentives.

From a project perspective, the conclusions and recommendations included in the Report will support the development of the most substantial project result- highly customized training provision available freely online.

You can download and read the full report on the findings of the report in the links below (in English / complemented with Summaries in national languages by choosing your language).

English   https://finfluencers.org/…/10/R1_Comp_Report_final_pdf.pdf

Bulgarian   https://finfluencers.org/…/2022/10/R1_BG_Summary.pdf

Greek   https://finfluencers.org/…/2022/10/R1_GR_Summary.pdf

Macedonian   https://finfluencers.org/…/2022/10/R1_MK_Summary.pdf

Portuguese   https://finfluencers.org/…/2022/10/R1_PT_Summary.pdf